How To Write A Story

Remember, the story is not about you. But it is about how you were changed.

It’s about someone that had an impact in your life.  Invested their time in you. Lived an exemplary life before you.

It may be a friend, parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, aquaintance, cousin, brother, sister, co-worker, employer, neighbor, teacher, coach, anyone with which you have or had a personal relationship, that allowed the Light of Jesus to shine through them.

Tell how their influence led to change in your life. Be specific as possible about the resultant affect of their life on your life.  Express your thankfulness and gratitude to them and God.

Keep the story under 500 words. You may write your story in your word processor such as MS Word, then copy and paste it into our submission form.  Each story should be about one person.  Although, you may submit as many stories as you like.

Remember, the purpose is to honor our “Ancestors In Christ” and by doing so encourage and inspire others to Let The Light Of Jesus Shine Through Them!

“Your Family Trees Of Life”

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